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    Hearts&Flowers Guest

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    A friend has just introduced me to a wonderful zero point salad. Here is the basic recipe:

    Sliced cabbage or sauerkraut
    Red and yellow peppers
    onions and celery
    dill pickle slices

    The original recipe calls for a cooked vinegar dressing made with sugar. I make it with splenda with great results.

    On to my question: This friend acutally cans this salad for long term storage. I know sugar is a preservative. Can I "can" the salad made with splenda?

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    luv2beslim Guest

    Wink Re: Question about Canning

    I'm new to the sight and this is my first post. You'd either have to use a pressure cooker or ask your county extention agent about the safety of canning this salad. It would be ok to use a water bath to can if the acidity is high enough. I don't know how much vinegar is in the dressing. The acidity is what keeps botulism from being fatal in canning vegetables. Berta

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    luv2beslim Guest

    Default Re: Question about Canning

    Sorry, I didn't address the question about Splenda. I don't know, you could check the Splenda sight or e-mail them (I think you can e-mail them from the sight.) Berta

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