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    I have been looking at the Gazelle Freestyle Elite for several months now and am thinking of buying a used one for $175. It seems like a lot, but the lady says she bought it for over $400 new. Is that a reasonable price?
    Other questions: how easy or hard are the pistons to engage or disengage?
    I tried out the one without the pistons and I didn't feel very stable on it. (I'm almost 300 lbs and am a little afraid of falling.) Do the pistons provide any stability? If the exercise is too hard to do with the pistons, how hard is it to disengage them?

    Please, somebody, help me out!

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    I have this model, and I like it. The pistons are kind of tricky to disengage and change, but it's definitely doable. The pistons themselves aren't too hard to pull out, it's just a matter of figuring how to move the pedals into the right position to attach the pistons in the next hole. Just play around with it and you'll figure it out.

    I will say that no resistance is not enough. But even the first level of resistance is WAY WAY harder. It's crazy! maybe my pistons aren't calibrated quite right... definitely try out the machine before you buy it to see if it will work for you.
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