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    I am not a complete vegetarian, but 95% of my intake is vegetarian and I don't drink milk or eat regular cheese or other dairy. The only dairy I eat a day is one yogart. Can you tell me what vegetables and other foods I should be eating to get more calcium in my diet? Thanks so much.

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    If you are not drinking cow's milk, opt for soy milk. It contains plenty calcium and other nutrients, without being a dairy product. Make sure it contains plenty vitamin D so the calcium will be absorbed. If you dislike the soy flavour, get vanilla or chocolate soy.

    You can take calcium carbonate vitamins but they do not work as effeciently as actual calcium will. But milk will be your best source, unless you look for calcium-fortified soy products and such.

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    I posted this in your other thread, too. If you go to you can do a nutrient search and get a list of foods high in calcium.
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    off the top of my head i do know that broccoli is a good source of calcium...also kale, bok choy, collard greens, oranges, tofu and cooked beans

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    I take a calcium citrate supplement. I understand that the calcium is better absorbed, but the main thing is it doesn't make me gassy like calcium carbonate does.

    (I would need 4-5 dairy servings per day to get as much calcium as my doctor wants me to have from milk!)

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