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Thread: Joining a Gym?

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    Default Joining a Gym?

    Hullo, all!

    I'm planning on joining a gym fairly soon (possibly this weekend), but I haven't belonged to one since I was a little girl playing at the YMCA, so naturally I have a few questions. (I should probably mention that I over-think things, which has lead to me being a bit nervous about joining in the first place.)

    First off, what kind of equipment do you think I'll need? I'm thinking gym clothes, a good quality sports bra, water bottle, good sneakers, my iPod and bathing products for afterwards. Am I missing anything? Do you have any recommendations?

    Secondly, before I sign up, are there any questions I should be asking the gym staff? Should I ask for a tour of the facility (I've seen pictures of it online and have friends who go there)?

    Thirdly, what is good gym etiquette? Is there a line-up to use the exercise machines? Do people talk to each other while exercising? Are there unspoken rules that people who go to gyms just sort of naturally understand, but that I, as an outsider, might not get immediately? I'm less concerned about my body image (despite being overweight, I have a healthy self-image) and more concerned about making an @$$ out of myself.

    Finally, does anyone have any helpful advice or tips about getting the most out of my gym visits? I'm kind of cheap (which is why I know getting a gym membership will work for me: I hate the thought of wasting money by not going!), so I want to get the "most bang for my buck," as it were.


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    Hi and Congratulations on your decision.

    I think you are missing a lock and a towel to wipe the seat/equipement you use.

    Definitely ask for a tour and don't forget to go look in the locker rooms/rest rooms. Also ask if they have a trial membership available (either free or cheap, for a short period). Make sure the hours that the gym is open will fit your schedule. Ask about waiting times for equipment at rush hour (if you'll be going at rush hour, of course). Actually, you should go and visit at the approximate time that you'll be going, so you'll get a better sense of the activity there.

    Ask the staff for the specific rules, including reserving equipment, how long you can use the cardio machines (some gyms have limits), if there is someone there that can help you with the equipment. Ask if someone will help you make a program. Also, ask about training staff qualifications.

    Do people talk at the gym? I find it really depends on the gym: some have a social club feel, some really do not and are geared towards more "serious exercisers".

    These are the first things that come to my mind. Good luck!

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