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Thread: Pay someone for deep BASIC 30 day meal planning for a family of three

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    Default Pay someone for deep BASIC 30 day meal planning for a family of three

    I am looking to contract (pay) someone to create a one month meal plan for a family of three. Two adults, and one seventeen year old. Here are the criteria:

    1)It must be in Mastercook format. Usable by the Mastercook software.

    2)It must conform to Weight Watchers guidelines for good main meals, and extra side dishes, for a rounded WW meal plan WITH APPROPRIATE BALENCED AND CLEAR POINTS COUNTS. Both adults are doing WW, while the seventeen year old can eat whatever they want.

    3)Each recipe should have no more than five or six items, and be able to be made in 15 to 20 minutes. We are trying to keep this simple.

    4)It would be nice if the recipes all met the WW CORE plan guidelines.

    5)All like ingredients must be identical, so that a printed shopping list combines it all exactly the same way.

    6)The meal plan must be for 30 days. The printed shopping list should result in shopping once every two weeks (or sooner to a maximum of once a week to get perishables).

    7)Recipes can be repeated in the meal plan, and leftovers can be incorporated in the meal plan. As long as these are well noted. Three meals a day every day for 30 days.

    *** Bonus meal plan extras I would like to see is:

    a)Ingredients sorted into shopping “like item” grocery store rows. All meats together, all pastas together in the shopping list from mastercook.

    b)Ingredients used are sustainable for the planet (I am a green planet type family – looking for a sustainable plan).

    c)The meal plan actually reduces the costs via optimized ingredients, that are inexpensive versions (most appropriate meat cuts, and NOT filet minion). But still I would like to see good variety. Maybe even price out the ingredients, but that may be asking too much.

    I am thinking of other criteria to add, but this all should do. I have no idea what I should pay someone to do this work, but hopefully I can get the attention of someone who has already done this work. Please forward this to any friends that you think might be interested. Please respond back to my email address, (ktjensen(at) and let me know what you would charge; and why I should work with you (versus “slaving through” doing this all on my own to create an ultimate basic meal plan for 30 days).


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    I haven't bought it myself, but try Leanne Ely sells Menu Mailers-3 months for $9.95., with shopping lists, calories, fat info. (I am not sure what you need for Mastercook, but I am sure you could figure the points). She has low-carb options, diabetic options, money-saving options (if my memory serves). You can see sample menus before you buy.

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    Default Re: Pay someone for deep BASIC 30 day meal planning for a family of three

    I have tried Elaine Ely's Saving Dinner Menus. I have used them for several years now. As a matter of fact, I just did the mega menu low carb version this week. For less than $200 I have meals 20 meals in the freezer for my family of 7. (meals are all done, all I have to do is thaw and cook, so no leftovers taste for my leftover haters at my house.) Really a bargain. It will be a relief in the next few weeks when my baby is born.

    The food is great. This is the first time I have tried the mega mailer,so all of the recipes that I did this week are new to me. I have learned to trust Leanne. We don't eat fish, my family refuses, so I just sub chicken or pork in the fish recipes and it works great, I just have to cook it a little longer.

    I think is exactly what you are looking for. And it is very inexpensive. She has sample menus to print out and try, so you don't even have to pay to try it out. The Low carb is mainly core. I do flex, but if I were doing core I wouldn't switch. It has nutritional information for each dish, easy to calculate points. She has side dishes that are easy and no brainer, easy ways to in corporate higher carb side options for those in the house who are not watching their weight. And every thing can be prepared in 1/2 hr or less. They usually have more than 6 ingredients, but usually only if you are counting spices that you add. All of the recipes are super easy to do. And did I mention *healthy*? I have really gotten away from a lot of canned soups and things because I just don't need them any more.
    It would be easy to imput a recipe a meal into master cook, but there is no need. The grocery list is all done for you, ready to print out. that includes side options. the side options have asteriks by them, so if you are doing the side suggestions, you just buy what you would need for 1 meal for your family.
    Check it out. You won't be sorry. It won't cost you anything.

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    Default Re: Pay someone for deep BASIC 30 day meal planning for a family of three

    Oh I forgot to mention, because my family is so big, I double everything. And leftovers go to lunch the next day or so. I like her body clutter menu, too- very WW friendly with ideas that are quick and easy for breakfast and lunch, too. I think the regular and Crockpot menus are alittle high in points for me. I can't say about the other menus, I haven't tried those. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Pay someone for deep BASIC 30 day meal planning for a family of three

    Sorry for the third post. I just need to clarify that the body clutter menu is the low carb menu with breakfast and lunch suggestions.

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