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Thread: Mealplans and grocery lists - not recipes

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    Okay folks what is the real goal of doing weightwatchers via some software like mastercook??

    To create mealplans for a week or a month. Or to create grocery lists so you can go get everything and have it available for cooking.

    So where are the discussion about Mealplans? Where are the discussions about Grocery Lists?

    Note: recipe collecting starts to get like card collecting, and you tend to want to collect all the baseball cards, when they have no optimal use for a grocery list, or a practical mealplan.


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    Reporting in FIRST!

    Mealplans-Yes, you can make a mealplan for a day, a week, a month, or a whole year. This will help:
    a. So you buy ONLY what is needed for each meal-minimizes cheating
    b. Peace of mind to know what's to eat instead of wondering day to day
    c. You can create a 'template' week to use when time's short for planning and you need to have something for the next week.

    Having good Weight Watcher or Cooking Light cookbooks handy will help tremendously in finding meals that suite your taste and style.

    Grocery Lists- Grocery Lists can be directly made from mealplans and MC will calculate that for you. You can add things to the list aside from the menus and even add non-foods such as soap, paper products, cat food, etc.
    You can add foods to the Nutrient database that aren't in there and I ALWAYS recommend when fixing to cook food that you take the nutrition label information from the boxes/can and verify it with the matching ingredient in a recipe and then update that nutrition information in Mastercook. The MC foosd database is USDA-R12 and the list is now at USDA-R18. So some adjustment will need to be made for correct Nutrition Analysis.

    *Because Mastercook can precisely determine a 'per serving' nutrient analysis once the recipe ingredients have been verified in the Ingredient list for accuracy, I would use that VS the nutrient information that may appear in a book or magazine which may be more general.

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