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Thread: "Diet soda cake" OR "Cake with Pumpkin"? Your fav?

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    Default "Diet soda cake" OR "Cake with Pumpkin"? Your fav?

    I've seen both recipes and would like to know which is best to take to friends? I want to make cupcakes using Chocolate cake mix using either diet coke or the pumpkin and frosting with SF/FF Cool Whip mixed with SF/FF 4 oz instant chocolate pudding and probably add some Splenda.

    Thanks for any opinions...

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    Default Re: "Diet soda cake" OR "Cake with Pumpkin"? Your fav?

    Personally I love the pumpkin ones...but you have to love pumpkin. I have never tried the one with pop. Sounds different.


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    I served the chocolate cake with diet pop to cousins who watch their food intake, and therefore have not had weight issues. 8 yr old went back for THIRD piece and Mom said No. (He had eaten a big healthy lunch as well). When I told her what was in it she was amazed-she thought it was a really good homeade cake. She let him have the 3rd piece and had a second herself. Unless someone had issues with the sweetener in Diet Coke, I would definitely bring it and see what people think BEFORE you tell them what's in it! The texture is a little crumblier but it is very good.

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    Default Re: "Diet soda cake" OR "Cake with Pumpkin"? Your fav?

    Just tried making a Devil's food cake mix with a can of pumpkin and it came out like a dense cake or brownies. It was really good! I like it better than the diet Coke and chocolate cake I made before, that fell apart too easily. DBF and my best friend who aren't on WW both liked it also. I highly recommend it when you have a sweets craving.

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    any idea of the points for this?
    LISA M

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