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    I just love this breakfast.
    In one teasp. olive oil, brown onions, chopped red bell pepper, mushrooms, and whatever other vegetables you like....I like to add either yellow crooked-neck squash or zucchini....when they're partially cooked, toss in a few handsful of spinach. Sautee all until spinach is wilted. Scramble in an egg or eggbeaters...when egg is firm, top all with a slice of Kraft @% cheese. I often brown and add a chunked Boca Burger, lean turkey breakfast sausage, or Boca sausage (either Italian or smoked) just before I scramble in the egg.. It runs anywhere from 5 to seven points depending on what you put in, counts for at least 3 and sometimes 4 servings of veg, and sticks with you all morning.
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    I do this all the time. I love it!! Very filling too!
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    I do this very same thing as well......except I use a 1 point tortilla that is 12 grams of fiber.....1 pt RF 2% slice of cheese......I warm the tortilla and lay the cheese on it and place on a plate....I do the veggie thing as well, except I use one egg and two egg whites...2 pts....I add a 1 pt slice of bacon or RF sausage...I then place on the tortilla and the whole thing is 5 pts...and yes, very filling

    Bon Apptite!

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    you can even add that to a side of brown rice.. or stuff it in a whole wheat pita- and be STUFFED for hours.

    i would love to find that version without eggs

    would pancake flour work?

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