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    Unhappy Point counting

    I was woundering if everyone one on ww actually counts their liquids towards their points? I personally do not count my liquid intake towards my points. Am I wrong in doing this?
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    Well I think you have to count everything that you ingest. I count 2 pts. for my 1% cup of milk for breakfast. I drink mostly water, but I have an occationa l glass of juice. I do count my creamer for my coffee. Yes you must count.


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    I don't count them if they're not worth any points (water, diet soda, SF drink mixes, etc.)

    I do write down things like milk, juice, alcoholic beverage, etc. because they are calories I'm consuming.

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    Smile Re: Point counting

    Thanks for the advice. About the only thing I do drink is water and milk with my cereal in the morning. Every so often i'll have some ice tea but I don't count them. I asked my wife who has been on ww for awhile what she does and she said she use to count every drink but that drove her nuts. I thought i'd save my self from further insanity and not count them.
    Starting Weight: 240 on 9/25/2010
    Current Weight:232.1 as of 10/23/2010
    Goal Weight: 180

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