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Thread: english muffins..

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    melissa29624 Guest

    Smile english muffins..

    i have seen people say that they had a 1pt english muffin...what kind was that? or was it just 1/2 of one?? thanks

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    mommy82902 Guest

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    I believe the weight watchers english muffins are 1pt...they're expensive so I buy the shoprite light english muffins they are 1 pt also.

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    Yes, they are expensive. While shopping this weekend, I compared the WW muffins, with Kroger & Kroger has less dietary fiber and fat! They were also $2 cheaper!

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    Thomas' makes light whole grain ones that taste awesome and are only 1 pt. When they go on sale, I stock up and freeze them.
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    I have bought the Stop and Shop brand of light English muffins - 1 point for the whole muffin and they are a lot less than Thomas' or WWs.
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    melissa29624 Guest

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    thanks!! i will look for those!!

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    sams club has the llight multigrains thomas'....a 12 pack for 3.40

    bj's also has the thomas' light multigrain...12 for 3.79

    if you have an entenmans or freihoffers outlet near you , they have them for 1.60 per package, and they also carry all the weight watchetrs breads for 1/2 off!

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    suzy-loozy Guest

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    I buy the Thomas's light EM at the store......they are whole wheat and say light on the point and they dont' totally taste like cardboard either!

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    At the grocery store I found Thomas 100 Calorie English Muffins, I used my point calculator and figured 1 point. I had one this morning and it tasted like a regular one.

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    Super Walmart has a light english muffin (their brand) and they are only 94 cents a package! I buy many and freeze them!

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    puglovertoo Guest

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    Wow...neither Costco or Walmart here carries the light english muffins. Too bad. And I am having a hard time finding the Thomas Light ones now too. I finally did find the multi grain one at Safeway the other day and bought a couple to freeze. Had one this morning with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese for only 2 points total!

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    I get the Aunt Millie's Multigrain - they are 1 point for the entire muffin (says so on the box even) and they're my favorite. I tried the Thomas ones too (multi-grain and white which were both 1 point), but I really just didn't like them at all for some reason.
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    weight watchers has their english muffins, they are only 1 point at jewl, also bagels are 2 points

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    I just started WW last week & I having are hard time with the muffins too .
    Do you get to eat the whole thing or just half of the english muffin ? for 1 pt ??
    I found the thomas 's multi grain for 100 cal.

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    You get the whole muffin for one point [ not half a muffin] Enjoy!! I eat these practically on a daily basis for 1 point. They are loaded with 8 grams of fiber which makes them very filling. I always look for high fiber and wholegrains, they keep you full longer.
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    tinka Guest

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    AND dont just use these as something for breakfast...........they make wonderful little pizzas, or are great with sandwich meat or veggie burgers etc. Any way that you use bread...............

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    Smile Re: english muffins..

    The Thomas Light Multigrain muffins also have 6 grams of protein each. I have one almost every morning either with one egg white, ham and fat free cheese, or PB&J. Lots of protein to hold me over for a good 4 hours. Very pricey though. $3.69 at Pick'n Save. gs
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    If you have a Kroger nearby, I can usually catch them on sale, buy one, get one free.

    Also, they are very cheap at the wholsale clubs like: Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's.

    Yes very high fiber and protein and they will hold you for a good 4+ hours !!!!
    I usually spray I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on mine and they are delicious !!!
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