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Thread: Applebee's?

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    Question Applebee's?

    Going out with the girls tonight and a few of us are going to Applebee's first to eat before meeting the others for just drinks, since they have a WW menu.

    I looked at the menu online and it all looks good. Has anyone tried their WW entrees? Can anyone give me a review? What's good what's not?

    Thank you!

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    The french onion soup is sooo good- it really fills you up. I have also tried the shrimp and steak skewers which I like and the talapia- which I didnt like( normally I love talapia)
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    Thank you! I should just go with the soup since I need to get something low in points because I will be having a few drinks afterwards!

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    I love just about all the WW menu items at Applebees. So far my favorite and the one I order the most is the Chicken Tortilla Melt. I add a lot of salsa and I seem to be filled up on so few points.

    Enjoy your evening.

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    Yes I have my eye on that Tortilla Melt!

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    The confetti chicken is really good.
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    I have tried everything and they all get a thumbs up, except for the fish. The fish was yucky. I usually order the french onion soup for my appetizer for only 3 points. I feel like i am getting so much food that way.

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    SteelersFan43 Guest

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    I just had the onion soup and the tortilla chicken melt tonight. The onion soup was great, but the tortilla thing was kinda weird. I don't think I'm going to get it again. But I've had the cajun tilapia before and I liked it. The chocolate raspberry cake is also pretty good if you're looking for desert!

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    My husband and I love the Shrimp-Steak Kebobs - very good! I like the Tiliapia too.... Usually alternate between these two. Have a great dinner!

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    I did not like the Confetti Chicken at all....yuck
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    Ok, I got the Tortilla Chicken Melt...I agree, kinda weird, not great tasting. Was not happy with it for 10 points! I think next time I will get the shrimp and steak kabobs! Less points and looks much tastier.

    Then I had 3 Parrot Bay and Diet Cokes afterwards. Oy, it was about a 25 point night!!!!!!!!

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    My DH and I had the shrimp and steak skewers with brocolli and rice pilaf last night for 7 points. Very worth it!!

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    suzy-loozy Guest

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    Did you say that you went to Applebys BEFORE your meeting? WW meeting?

    People ACTUALLY eat before the meetings??????


    Just kidding.........but I have to tell you the number of stomachs growling at my weeknight meeting.......LOL

    I love the Tilapia and the Confetti Chicken and the Skewers!

    Bon Appetite!

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    LOL Sue! No "before meeting" meaning before meeting up with the rest of my girlfriends!

    Actually though this came up at last weeks meeting - some people consider their meeting night a "free" night. Some of them go out afterwards and cheat! Like have a huge cheeseburger!!!!

    I just couldnt believe it. To me everyday counts and since it's on a weeknight I'd rather keep sticking to it and if I want to cheat a little it'll be on the weekends.

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    I have never tried anything on the WW menu and I always wondered if any of the things were good. Next time I go I will have to try one of them...the Shrimp-Steak Kebobs sound yummy!!!
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    singing rabbit Guest

    Thumbs up Re: Applebee's?

    Ok, I had the raspberry choc. cake today and it was heavenly. Yes I had the points, and yes it was TOTALLY worth every bite. I had lunch with a WW friend and we will be going back again!

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    This is my absolute favorite place to go now that they have the WW menu. I have tried the French Onion Soup (DH even loves that one!), the steak and shrimp kabobs, the shrimp kabobs alone, the Grilled Tilapia with the SW salsa and the lemon berry cheesecake ( our Applebees doesn't have this anymore!)
    They are all 100% delicious!
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    I LOVE the Grilled Shrimp Skewer Salad, and I'm not much of a "salad fan". I order the the Onion Soup Au Gratin (3 points) and salad (dressing on the side, so I can take 1/2 home and eat it later or the next day) - 4 points. I always walk away full and completely satisfied!

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    I think I have had them all--favorites are the onion soup and the shrimp and steak kabobs--you can ask them to double the veggie and skip the rice and save 3 points too!
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    suzy-loozy Guest

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    I only wish that they'd change up the menu now and then......keep the favorites, but rotate a few different things now and then.....perhaps like seasonal items.......

    I find myself checking out the menu thinking, one of these days I'm gong to tire of these choices.......

    But for now, it rocks!

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    I wish they would have some core items on their WW menu.
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    I LOVE the French Onion's so yummy. The skewers are good, but I hated the tortilla melt. Gross!!!

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