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Thread: Points value for new recipe needed

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    csdtlp Guest

    Default Points value for new recipe needed

    Hi! I really need help figuring the points value for this recipe b/c I forgot my books at home.

    1.5 lbs chicken breast (boneless, skinless, visible fat removed)
    1-10 oz. can rotel tomatoes
    1 low sodium pkg. of taco seasoning

    throw in Crockpot and cook on low 6-8 hrs.

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    I don't have MC at work, but you could try using
    You can enter the ingredients and get the total NI for the recipe then just divide by the number of servings.
    If they don't have the ingredient you can add it custom. You might have to use or the manufacturer website to get the NI for the rotel and taco seasoning.
    It's a free site, but you do have to register.
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    Default Re: Points value for new recipe needed

    Per Mastercook:
    6 servings - 3 pts. each
    4 servings - 5 pts. each


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    csdtlp Guest

    Default Re: Points value for new recipe needed

    Joanne Thank you for the website I will check it out today!!

    Gail thank you for figuring the points.

    this recipe actually came out of a cookbook that has the NI but I forgot to look this am.
    It is supposed to served as chicken soft tacos but I am serving it shredded on a bed of lettuce with some TraderJoe's salsa i picked up and ff sour cream. Like a taco salad!

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