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Thread: Chunky Chicken Salad

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    katybug13 Guest

    Default Chunky Chicken Salad

    I ate a version of this at Arby's ( full of Fat). So I trimmed it down so is point friendly enjoy!

    Chunky Chicken Salad

    POINTS® Value | 3
    Servings | 10



    16 oz chicken breast, cooked, skinless
    1 medium apple chopped
    1 cup grapes cut in halves
    1 cup celery chopped
    3/4 cup Kraft Miracle Whip Non-Fat Salad Dressing
    3/4 cup chopped pecans toasted


    mix and chill over night to let favors mingle.

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    sambo58 Guest

    Default Re: Chunky Chicken Salad

    This Also Taste Great With Raisins And Walnuts Or Pecans Tossed In

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