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    Nix Guest

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    I just received a vhs tape from a buddie. It's called Easy Steps - A Walking Weight Loss Program and it's distributed by L A Weight Loss Centers, Inc. They use what they call a Power Band for increased resistance. It looks like it's about 54" long & it's very flat & looks like it's about 6" wide. It doesn't loop around and connect to itself (just one long piece of stretchy band (ribbon-like) piece). Does anyone know where I could find something like that to use with the video? I've heard & seen resistance bands before, but the ones I've seen look sort of like bungee cords.

    Thanks in advance.

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    walmart has em, i got a 3 pack there, with 3 different widths to vary the strength.
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    Thanks Kimmiep. I looked at a Walmart today but they didn't have any. I'll try another one tomorrow closer to work. I think each Walmart orders their own things so maybe I'll find some in another store.

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    bensmomshelly Guest

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    You might also check with places that do Physical Therapy. They use them often and call them therapy bands. Perhaps they'd sell you one?

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    Thanks for the help buddies!

    I went to a Walmart near my work this a.m. & found the set of 3 at that store. Now I can't wait to get home & try them out.

    Does anybody else use these? How do you like them? Do they help?


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