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    Does anyone have a list or can direct me to a site that will PROPERLY explain how many points various liquor, beer and wine are? I found one, but for some reason, some of the points values just don't seem right. For example, is Rye whiskey really only one point for an ounce and a half? Vodka seems to be 2-3 points...i would have assumed the lighter liquor to be less. Maybe it's right...I just want to be sure.

    Any help would be smashing...

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    Here is one I found that was very helpful, maybe this is the same site you saw though.

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    Thanks Lori, that's the one I found too...maybe it IS right!

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    You can actually go to and then input the particular type of alcohol you're looking at and it will give you the nutritional info and you can calculate the points from there.
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    Excellent! That's great! Thanks!

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    That website is a little depressing!! I do like my cocktails...especially margaritas and they are one of the worst!! We are going to make Gin Buckets this weekend with Crystal Light lemonade, vodka (Yes, gin buckets are made with vodka???) and tons of sliced up limes and lemons. Very yummy and I only count the vodka.

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    I read some interesting 'margarita' recipes on the Weight Watcher message boards last week under the recipe board called 4th of July. It had a few listed I may try.
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