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Thread: What materials do you use the most?

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    Default What materials do you use the most?

    I have decided to go back to WW meetings and convinced my mother to go with me. Our first meeting is tonight. My mother has an issue with trying anything new. She's still in the mindframe of the WW program when we counted "exchanges". She's convinced she doesn't need anything other than the materials that will be given to us at WW. She doesn't use the computer, so I'm afraid she will get frustrated with not being able to find points easily. Are just the WW materials sufficient? I AM buying her the Starter Kit with the Dining Out Companion and the Complete Food Guide whether she wants it or not.

    What do we get at the WW meetings these days? Are the meeting materials sufficient enough not to need any other materials at all? What have you found most helpful (non-computer)? What non-meeting materials? I am going to try to help make this as easy as possible for my mother. I have this site and other sites on the computer to help me. The computer is not an option for my mother.

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    The first time I did WW was in December 1998... and I had the starter kit, the slide for figuring out points and that was it... I was very successful, didn't access anything on the computer at that time.

    She'll be totally fine with those materials.

    Good luck!

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    I think that someone could do WW with just the materials given at the meeting. I mostly use my sliding points calculator to figure out my points - I dont know if they had this when you did ww - but I cant live without it- I even take it to the grocery store- you can determine points on any food that has the nutrition facts on the package( which is just about everything) as long as it lists fiber, calories and fat . The book you receive at week one lists points for so many foods - that is another cant live without tool. I dont have a dining out book, but then again I do use the computer. I also like to use ww cookbooks, again the computer comes in handy when looking for recipes. I think you will find the meeting another great tool. Hope some of this info helps- Good Luck!
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    I use the materials that is given at the first meeting and the dining out book. Every so ofter I will go onto a restraunt website to find the nutritional value but not very often. I think she will be ok with the starter kit.

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    Default Re: What materials do you use the most?

    Even though I use the computer a lot, the things I always carry with me (and use) are the Week One book (since it has a list of foods in it) and my slider.

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    If you get those two books in addition to the starter information, you should be set! The new books have check marks next to Core foods so you have that option, too. Be sure that you both understand using the points slide/calculator, but they also sell a great calculator/points calculator and I love mine!! I keep it in my purse and can figure the points of things easily at the market. It's also a regular calculator and that's just handy to have anytime!

    Good luck and keep us informed!
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    Default Re: What materials do you use the most?

    I use the slider the most! I have three of them--one in the kitchen, one in my purse and one by the computer..

    Also, if you have a printer, you could print out the recipes from here or other sites and make a book for your mom. I have a HUGE recipe book that I've made and it makes things much easier.

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    I use my sliders and the Complete Food Guide the most (and the Trackers!) I found the Dining Out Guide to be a complete waste of money for me (well, except for Subway). I hardly ever eat at fast food places, and when I did, the things I ordered weren't in the book. I was really bummed. I also bought a bunch of the WW cookbooks and really like them (although I haven't used them recently). One of my favorites was a seasonal publication that a friend found in the grocery store: the Weight Watchers five ingredient 15 minute cookbook I have the Spring 2005 and Winter 2006 issues and they're really good. Not sure whether you can order them online or not.
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    Default Re: What materials do you use the most?

    I would probably buy the TurnAround Cookbook, and a kitchen scale if she does not have one.

    I would stay away from any of the food products that they sell.
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    Default Re: What materials do you use the most?


    When I was losing weight, I just used my starter kit, and an old vegetarian WW cookbook from the library for some ideas.

    Since I have been maintaining for several years now, truth be told, I only get out a tracker if I gain a few lbs. I keep track vaguely in my head, but depend mostly on intuition and common sense.

    I could never have done what I am doing now if I had not been a points-fanatic for two years. I pretty much have points values for everything I eat at home memorized, and I know that it would just be wild conjecture to try to figure out restauraunt food in the places that I go to, as they are really off the grid.

    I am absolutely in support of WW and the tools they provide. I go back to them any time I gain a lb., and this allows me to maintain the weight that I am at now. Yay!


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    Default Re: What materials do you use the most?

    I use the slider and the Complete Food guide the most. I rarely use the Dining Out one because I feel the NI info is more accurate online. Since she doesn't have access to a computer and if she eats out frequently, then I would consider it.

    The thing I miss the most from my meetings were the WW magazine. I was wishing I would have saved one so I could get a subscription but I recently found it at my Wal Mart and Target.
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