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Thread: Cinnamon Sugar- Bagel (2 Points!)

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    Hi everyone! This is my first time submitting a recipe and I thought I would share this with everyone. Its really easy and might not even be considered as a "recipe".. here it goes! When I was younger my mom always used to make me cinnamon sugar toast and of course I loved it. It was soo yummy..

    Serving Size 1.. 2 points


    1 Weight Watchers Bagel (2 Points)
    10 sprays Pump Butter (Free)
    4 packets of Equal or Sugar substitute

    Toast Bagel.. Spray with butter (duhh ), Mix in a bowl the sugar and cinnamon (Since they are both free, I'm guessing use as much as you would like) Sprinkle mixture on top of buttered bagel..

    That's it! But it is really yummy and easy!

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    I do something similiar to this with my lite bread. It's 2 slices for one point. YUMMY!
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    YUMMY, thanks! always looking for something new for breakfast!

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    i just made this for lunch! i love bagels and didnt like using butter cuz it was kinda high in points(2)..... so this sounded likea great was SOOO good...ill def be making it again for breakfast/lunch.

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