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Thread: spiced cocoa yogurt

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    Default spiced cocoa yogurt

    I wanted something chocloaty, today, but also wanted yogurt.. so.....

    I mixed fatfree plain yogurt, unsweetened cocoa powder (be careful, if you use too much it'll be more than a point, and be bitter), splenda, a little vanilla extract, cinnimon, and a little nutmeg... it has a mild flovor, but the aftertaste is like spiced cocoa... yummmm....

    goes to show how experimenting can really turn out well sometimes!

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    Default Re: spiced cocoa yogurt

    I'll have to try this with the spices. I have this every day but without the vanilla or spices. It's also good with a little instant coffee mixed in, for a moccha yogurt. I agree, too much cocoa is not good. I use about half a teaspoon in a cup of yogurt.
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