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Thread: 1 Point Strawberry Pie

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    Yay. I'm glad this recipe is on here. I lost mine from years before when I was on WW. This really does taste like Strawberry Shortcake without the shortcake and who needs that anyway. For the 4th of July you can make the pie, spread coolwhip on top and then sprinkle some blueberries. Then it's red white and blue!

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    This is just too good. I feel like I'm in a race with my DH to eat it before it's all gone. Though I don't think I could finish off a 4th of it at once. I made this Saturday morning and just finished off the last little serving as my afternoon snack.

    Took it to a family pitch in a couple weeks ago and it was a big hit. Simple, Refreshing & sweet!

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