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Thread: Homemade Egg Beaters

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    Default Homemade Egg Beaters

    If this has been posted before, forgive me.

    I just saw this at and while I am not a consumer of Egg Beaters, I know many of you are and may find it useful. This recipe for Egg Beaters purports to be more economical than the commerically prepared product:

    6 TB non-fat powdered milk
    12 egg whites
    1 pinch of salt
    Yellow food coloring (optional)

    1. Whisk all ingredients together.
    2. Use as needed.

    Makes 8 portions of Egg Beaters


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    Default Re: Homemade Egg Beaters

    This would be worth a try. I believe it's a lot less expensive.

    Does anyone know a good way of separating the egg yolks from the white? It's time consuming to do it by hand.

    Thanks for the recipe and any ideas.


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    I have an egg hang it over one side of the bowl and crack the egg into it. The yolk stays in the separator and the whites ooze into the bowl. I think it is a Pampered Chef product but not 100% about that.

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    Default Re: Homemade Egg Beaters

    Tupperware used to give egg separators away as free gifts.
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    Default Re: Homemade Egg Beaters

    Bumping this one up, too! Has anyone ever tried this? It seems like it would be easier to just use egg whites....

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