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Thread: Can Anyone Recommend a Good Pressure Cooker?

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    Default Can Anyone Recommend a Good Pressure Cooker?

    We have a hand-me-down pressure cooker from my mother. My husband uses it all the time, despite the fact that he accidentally melted the sealer ring on the burner, and the cooker leaks. Frankly, I have been afraid to use the thing. I saw them using one on the Home Shopping Network last night, and now I want to buy one (that isn't defective and ancient like the one we've got). Can anyone recommend a good, easy-to-use, and not-scary-to-use cooker? Thanks! -Lulu
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    They have two different ones on QVC shopping network and my friend owns the electric one with the brain on the front and loves it,I am gonna get one.I still have the old old one.

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    Mine is an 8 qt. oval non-stick electric digital programmable Farberware pressure cooker. They are extremely costly (close to $200) on William's Sonoma website.

    I think the Cook's Essentials (or Russell Hobbe's?) are the exact same model, for less money.

    If anything ever happened to mine, I would want an exact replica! It's easy. Safe. Programmable. You can walk away and it will cook for the minutes you programmed (on "low" or "high" pressure) and then will turn itself off and being "natural release", or you can push the safety release button and release the pressure quickly. :bcbsalute

    My "first" pc was an HSN Ultrex electric non-stick 8 quart, round. While I liked it, and it was great to learn on, there is no comparison to the programmable one.
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    I own a 7 quart Kuhn Rikon stove top pressure cooker and absolutely love it. It is pricey though (around $170) but worth every penny in my opinion. You can take frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer and sit down to dinner 15 minutes later. You can steam veggies in a couple of minutes or make black bean soup from scratch in about 45 minutes. I made lentil curry from scratch in about 20 minutes earlier this week and that included the veggie chopping time. Clean up is a snap too. I have an electric stove so it did take a little experimenting to figure out when to reduce the temperature on the stove to maintain the right pressure. I also find it helpful to wiggle the valve a couple of times or to re lock the lid if the pressure isn't engaging as quickly as it should.

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    Default Re: Can Anyone Recommend a Good Pressure Cooker?

    My mother gave me a new one a couple of years ago and I hated it. It wouldn't seal and wasn't made out of very heavy metal.

    I went to Good Will and picked up an old one and went got new seals for it. The old ones are made of much heavier metal.

    I love it. They just don't make things the quality they used to! (The thing is avocado green. It must be from the 70s.)

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    Fagor brand, it is super easy to use. The one on home shopping network, the Ultrex I purchased originally and had nothing but problems with it. The fagor is great. I purchased a duo set, 8 and 4 qt with a top that fits both. I got it at Macy's two years ago on sale for about $120.

    Good luck.


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    I have the QVC cook's essential one and it is fantastic. It cost between $100-$150.
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