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    Default Useful Websites and Links

    I have compiled and combined links from several threads for easier access.
    I am locking this thread to keep it cleaner and easier to read.
    If you'd like to add a link, send me a PM, though do me a favor and make sure it's not there already.
    I have not checked every link on this thread. If you find a broken link send me a PM and I'll remove it.


    BCB Philosophy
    BCB Newbie Hanbook - includes FAQ, Ranks, Abbreviations
    How to post a picture in a thread
    How to add an avatar (picture by your name)
    How to post a link

    -WW Goal Weight Range Chart and BMI Calculator

    Dotti's Basic Info about the Flex Plan
    -lots of info about the Flex Program
    -lots of general WW info including list of restaurants with points values
    -online POINTS calculator
    -online POINTS calculator

    Journal to Success
    -free online journal

    -great weight loss tools to download.
    -WW info and blog

    Wendie Plan
    -Wendie Plan info

    Friends of Weight Watchers
    -WW info and support
    -list of points for many foods
    -Points slidee

    Why The Scale Lies

    -find nutritional info for 1000s of foods including weights of serving sizes
    -find nutritional info on just about anything - lots of restaurant calories
    -nutritional information for lots of foods with PDA version
    -nutritionals and points for lots of foods

    -free online food tracker. doesn't count points but gives nutritionals
    -personalized food pyramid based on your age, sex and activity level
    - Alcoholic Drinks-Points website

    Nutrition Action Newsletter
    -Newsletter from the Center for Science in the Public Interest
    -healthy eating section from The Washington Post that has a new column every week

    Fiber Content Chart
    -Fiber Content in foods

    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    -techincal research into nutrition topics
    -Zero Point Food List
    -list of calories in foods
    -List of High Fiber Foods
    -nutritional info
    -snacks under 100 calories
    -includes fast food nutritional info
    -Movie Theater Snacks Points

    Cooking Light
    EatingWell Magazine,1-101...tchers,FF.html if you search recipes by the "nutritional Information" section, you can use your ww point calculator to get the points.

    -AP counter: 100 cals burned equals one AP
    -Women's Weight Training Site - Beginners
    -"Couch to 5km challenge"
    -This has some excellent fitstrip/dynaband exercises:
    -This site has some great ball exercises:
    -fitness questions answered
    -a chart that converts your steps taken into mileage.
    -exercise info and strength training
    -exercise video reviews,...1807-1,00.html
    -at-home circuit training routine
    -General Activity
    -tracks measurements as another way to measure progress
    -tracks wight loss, measurements and % of body fat lost
    -online Pedometer
    -exercise info and videos
    -pace calculator

    -good and fun food review site
    -create a virtual you to visualize yourself at goal or any weight

    The Skinny Daily Post
    -archives of motivational articles

    Weight Control Information Network
    -general weight loss info
    -lots of helpful info on WW and links to other sites as well
    -WW recipes and inspiration
    -pound-to-kilo and kilo-to-pound converter

    Put Down the Donut

    Alice Waters & The Edible School Yard Project
    -teaching students about the Seed to Table experience

    Spark People
    -online diet plans
    -Weight Loss tracker and Blogs
    -Misc WW sites

    Take the Real Age Test
    -rate your real age

    -Food Abuse: An Introduction to Symptoms
    -Health, Fitness and Nutrition articles
    -for those with mp3 or iPods. Type into the search box "diet" or "nutrition"
    -"Learning to live with food, not without food."
    - weight loss forum
    - weight loss forum
    -weight loss tips
    -must subscribe to Self Magazine
    -online grocery shopping (regional)
    -single serving Smuckers products
    -single serving chips
    -picture resizer

    Meal Assembly Businesses
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