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    Just started WW with my girlfriend looking forward to losing some weight finally.
    This is the heavist Ive ever been, 240. GW would be 185-195, what I used to be when i was 21-22, now 29 the pounds slowly went up.

    Thanks all
    Cant wait to post my weight lose progress

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    Welcome, Gino. Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle!
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    Welcome GI-

    You will find some really good info and support on this site. I remember joining WW and this site back in January of this year. All the other guys in this forum, who joined around the same time have lost in the neighborhood of what I have (33-40 pounds). I guess what I am trying to say, is like everyone here, I think you will find this program very easy to manage and you will be happy with the results. Best of Luck to you and welcome....
    Rob M.


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    Welcome aboard, always room for one more. This forum is a great source of encouragement.
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    Thanks guys.

    One question, when you first started were you really hungry eventhough you were eating regularly?

    I think I need to switch from high glycemic foods such as fruits to more protein rich foods.

    Any ideas?

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    Personally, I like tonnes of salad, fruits/vegies, and fill it out with protein and starches (potatoes, rice, pasta). I find drinking a tonne of water and gum really helps me with my hunger cravings too.

    You'll figure out what works best for you.
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    Welcome! You have made a good decision. When I first started I was hungry all the time. I showed my group leader my food logs and she said to up my veggies and proteins. I did, but was still hungry.

    I was reading the WW literature and read the article on comfort zone and realized I ate until I was stuffed. Gradually, I have gotten used to eating until I was full and not stuffed. I also started to eat more frequently with my favorite snacks being an apple or the WW mini bars.

    But I can go back to my old eating pattern in a heart beat if I am not vigilant all the time.
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    You can always grab some 0-1 point food to munch on. Do that for a while and try to learn how full you really are on the 1-5 comfort scale. Try not to ever go above 4, because you may become lethargic and be looking for a nap and definately not excercise.

    Don't worry about going over your points at first, but make sure you document what you eat. Get into this habit first and then work on the points. As my WW leaders say, "Write it before you bite it!"

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    Welcome aboard GI-

    There are a few days where you will feel hungry even though you eat enough Ive been OP for 9 weeks and I still have a few days like that.
    Great suport here so come back often.
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    After the 3rd day I started not to feel as hungry. I think my biggest problem is the over-eating, Id always feel stuffed. Now I feel satisfied.

    Lets hope the weigh in this tuesday shows some results.

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    Welcome to BCB!! Congrats on your decision to take control of your weight and health.

    I've been doing the program for almost 3 months, and have lost over 30 pounds (with another 40+ to go). I still get times when I'm hungry -- but I've found that I do better on days when I get a good whole-grain breakfast in.

    I do a lot of snacking, on plan. I eat a lot of fruit and low-point yogurt and stuff. I have microwave popcorn (93%FF or whatever the healthy 2 point kind is) at my desk if the craving gets too bad.

    But in the end, I really like the lifestyle over all. I really like the 5 inches I've lost around the waist!!

    Good luck at your first weigh in!

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