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    I just bought my Mastercook the other day. I got in online, from e-bay, and haven't received it yet - any day! I'm so excited!! I wouldn't have know about it if not for this site, thanks!! Tell me, you just input any recipe and it gives nutritional info? Sounds awesome.

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    It's really quite simple. You go to FILE > CREATE RECIPE. Then you enter the ingredients at the top and the directions at the bottom. Then the program automatically calculates the calories/fat/fiber, etc. Then you just use your WW calculator to get the point value.

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    I am so excited to get started! i just got MC version 8, although after reading about all teh glitches i am a little afraid it will corupt my computer.. my DF said he couldn't find version 9 so i hope i can still enjoy this version..

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    The version i have is Mastercook 8 ... i haven't had any problems at all with it. Mastercook is awesome!!
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