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Thread: Amish Cornmeal Breakfast Pudding

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    Default Amish Cornmeal Breakfast Pudding

    I came across this recipe in a cookbook and modified it to fit WW. It is a very comforting breakfast.

    Amish Cornmeal Breakfast Pudding

    Serves 2

    1/4 c splenda
    1/4 t salt (opt)
    1 1/2 T FF butter spray
    2 c skim milk
    1/2 c cornmeal
    2 egg whites, beaten

    In a large saucepan, combine splenda, salt, butter spray, and 1 c milk and bring to a low boil. In a small bowl whisk together cornmeal, egg whites and remaining 1 c milk. Add this mixture gradually to boiling milk. Reduce heat to low. Keep stiring it will thicken rather quickly. Serve when thickened to desired consistency. Serve with additional milk and splenda if you like.

    I have used half water and half milk for the liquid and it comes out fine.

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    Default Re: Amish Cornmeal Breakfast Pudding

    How many points did you figure per serving for this?

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    Default Re: Amish Cornmeal Breakfast Pudding

    this sounds really good, but how many points did you figure?

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    Default Re: Amish Cornmeal Breakfast Pudding

    I put it in fitday and got 4 points which make sense, 2 for the milk and 2 for the cornmeal per serving. I didn't include NI for the spray butter cause I didn't have it, but I doubt it adds a point.

    Calories 219
    Fat 1
    Fiber 2

    This is very similar to two of my favorite breakfast recipes:
    Cream of Wheat Pudding
    Sweet corn pudding
    SW 252.6/WWG 157/2013 Restart 192.6/CW189

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