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Thread: 3 pt fruity cheesy tortilla

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    Editht Guest

    Default 3 pt fruity cheesy tortilla

    I didn't know where to put this.... breakfast, snacks, desserts.... whatever. And I feel kind of silly because it's not really cooking, but it was so good I had to share it!

    1 ff tortilla (1 pt)
    1 wedge lite laughing cow cheese (1 pt)
    1 tbs. strawberry preserves (1 pt) (you could reduce this with sf preserves)

    I just spread the cheese and preserves in the tortilla and warmed it up a little bit in the microwave. It was like a strawberry cheese danish or a berry cheese crepe. Very yummy and easy! You could make it a touch sweeter by mixing a little splenda or sugar into the cheese first. I really like the counterpoint of the salty cheese and the sweet preserves. Yum!

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    im-worth-it Guest

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    MMmmm. this sounds really yummy. I will go buy some ff tortillas and try it out. Thanks.

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    I saw this post yesterday and have never been able to find LC cheese before. Last night I went to the store and they had it...made me very happy. I went home and tried the cheesy tortilla and it was great. Thanks for the tip and I now love LC cheese....what a great thing.
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