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Thread: core recipe sites?

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    Default core recipe sites?

    does anyone have any other core recipe sites other than this one that has a lot of recipes?

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    SW 252.6/WWG 157/2013 Restart 192.6/CW189

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    These are recipes compiled from Recipe.Zaar by "ladypit". There's quite a few!

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    The Core Program seems to be in the midst of a renaissance, given the difficulty many WW members have been having with the "new" program of 2018. Many of the women I know are returning to Core, and quite a few men are, also, because they generally say, it is the one program that provided sensible and healthy options which created weight loss. For myself, I am physically smaller on Core than I am on any other program (assuming the same number of pounds lost). The ability to access Core recipes (and there are so many that are tasty and family friendly) is vital to success, and I, for one, am grateful that there are still some sites that post such recipes. Thank you.

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