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    Hello Everyone,

    I will be doing my grocery shopping this evening after work and would like some help with my list. What are some items that you suggest or should be on my list? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    I have sugar free popsicles and baby carrots on mine for today.
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    are you looking for snack-type foods or meals? I would suggest string cheese because they are so easy to take to work or wherever. I love frozen veggies- easy to pull them out of the freezer and steam or cook. Egg beaters. ff cottage cheese. brown rice. crystal light. salad stuff- lettuce, spinach, carrots, celery, etc. Some sort of high fiber cereal. Just a few things that came to mind.

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    rachser Guest

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    Definitely baby carrots and celery for snacking - they really fill me up and give me that crunch when I am wanting a little snack to tide me over.

    Boneless/Skinless chicken
    low fat ground beef
    fresh fruit and fruit bowls
    cottage cheese
    high fiber hamburger buns/bread
    WW bagels/English Muffins
    100 calorie packs

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    Here is my food list. I'm big into food and not sweets.

    Spray butter
    cheese sticks
    WW yogurt
    laughing cow cheese
    Fat Free Hot dogs
    50% less sugar oatmeal
    25% less fat Peanut butter
    50% less sugar grape jelly
    Lite bread any kind
    Fat free pudding cups
    Fat free Whip cream

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks so much for the great suggestions! I have added all these items to my grocery list! Now off to the market I go!

    Thanks a bunch!

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    I carry the new yougurt flavored Cheerios in a baggy wherever I go... keeps me op and they are yummy!

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    Julie33 Guest

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    I recently tried ground turkey for the first time. It is healthier and cheaper than ground beef. I can't tell the difference in the flavor. I found a lot of great recipes on the internet.

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    hi friends

    just a word of caution about ground turkey...i used it in a recipe last night and when i figured the points out, it turns out that there are a lot more points in ground turkey that i had planned on. we don't have the low fat, reduced calorie, etc ground turkey around here...just ground turkey. if i buy the 95% ground beef...i save more points

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    Julie33 Guest

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    Ground Turkey is available at my Super WalMart in 3 different packages. 15% fat, 7 % fat, and 99% fat free. You have to check your stores and see what is available.

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    Steph_109 Guest

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    Boca Burgers & Low Carb flatbread/tortillas. Also, sugar free jello and fat free coolwhip......yum!! If you need a cool treat frozen grapes or frozen apple slices are amazing.



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    I'm brand-new at this so walked through the grocery store with my points calculator in hand. It took a bit longer to find the items I wanted and my kids thought I was weird, but they think that anyway.

    I bought light, whole wheat bread that's one point a slice because I prefer sandwiches for lunch.
    I also picked up a pack of the 100-calorie wheat thins to throw in my van because I'm always running out of time to eat lunch between kids, work and my classes. This usually causes me to hit the vending machines and there's nothing good in there!
    I also bought some skinny cow ice cream so I don't feel left out on family night (ice cream sundaes happen on family night).
    Then there's the usual:
    salad fixings

    I'm not much for cooking...I think there's an oven in my kitchen so I bought a few Smart Ones for dinners. I noticed they varied pretty widely in points so I'm going to have to keep close track of my points!

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    baby carrots and 1 pt yogurt fer sure!
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