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Thread: Need someone to figure pts for me.

  1. Default Need someone to figure pts for me.

    I have made the spice cake pumpkin muffins, that were on the board, and everyone says they are two points.

    I really would like to know for sure. I made twelve muffins, with Duncan Hines spice cake mix. The nutrition label says the following 12 servings
    calories for the mix 180, total fat 3gr., fiber 0. The Libby's 15oz of pumpkin says the following, 1/2 cup equals 1 serving, 3 1/2 servings per can. , Calories 40, fat .5g, fiber 5 grams.

    I sure would appreciate someone figuring this out, because I come up with 4 points per muffin, but maybe I'm not doing it right.

    I had one, and they are good, but not worth 4pts to me.If they are four points per muffin, I'm throwing them out, or letting my husband eat them.

    Thanks Judy in Nevada

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    Hi Pam! I got this recipe a month or so back and they are great. But I was told to make 18 muffins for 2 pts each. You're right, making just 12 increases the points value.

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    For the total I get 190 cal. 2 g. fiber 3g. fat per serving, 4 Points (barely). You could cut them in half ... or as you said let your dh eat them. I have made these and they freeze OK. 18 muffins also works out to 2 Points each.

    Good for you, re-checking the numbers. :bcbsalute

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    Using the information you provided, I get 3.69 points, which would round to 4. I have not seen the original recipe you referenced.

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