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Thread: muffins??

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    Default muffins??

    I read a while back that you can make 2 pt. muffins using chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Im wondering if i need to add anything else? anybody know?? or some other similar super easy pumpkin recipe??
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    Default Re: muffins??

    That's it, just the cake mix and the 15oz can of plain pumpkin puree. You need to verify the points based on the cake mix you use and how many muffins you get. I've made this with Spice Cake before too.
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    Default Re: muffins??

    thanks! im excited. i like on the go easy breakfasts.. so this should be good.
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    Default Re: muffins??

    i make it with dunkin hines yellow and a can of pumpkin --- 2 pts fill regular muffin pan all the way

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    Default Re: muffins??

    I had forgotten about those! YUM! I used to make those all the time with a Devil's Food cake mix and a can of pumpkin. They freeze well. They are wonderful warmed in the microwave and topped with some FF Cool Whip. I gotta go check my pantry because I think I have a cake mix and a can of pumpkin calling my name! Thanks for reminding me!!
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    Hailey Guest

    Default Re: muffins??

    Thanks for posting this, YUM!!! I can't wait to try them!!!!

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    Default Re: muffins??

    I do these muffins with the cake mix, pumpkin and 1 cup of water. they come out delicious.

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    Default Re: muffins??

    I also used the spice cake mix and can of pumkin. They were very good and very moist. You can also make muffins with a box of cake mix and a can of diet soda.

    I found a cake recipe on the board a few weeks ago, Pina Colada cake. It was DELICIOUS!! I thought I would make this cake for Easter so I can enjoy a dessert for 3.5pts.

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    Default Re: muffins??

    Sounds yummy!! Do you follow the cake directions on the box and then just add the can of pumpkin? What size can? I really want to try these!


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    Default Re: muffins??

    Amy, it's just the cake mix and a 15oz can of plain pumpkin puree (not pie mix). Some folks add a bit of water, but you don't have to. You bake for the same times and temp as the box directs.
    You need to verify the points based on the cake mix you use and how many muffins you get.
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    Default Re: muffins??

    bumping up

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    Default Re: muffins??

    I find it easier with water added, as is SO thick is one of my families favorite breakfasts, deserts, whatever....I do not mind my kids having it for breakfast with a glass of milk or healthy is amazing!

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    Default Re: muffins??

    I crumbled a muffin up in a dish. I put a few marshmellows on it and put it in the broiler for a couple minutes. Yummy- so good.

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    Default Re: muffins??

    Have any of you tried it with Carrot Cake and pumpkin? I have that and I am craving a carrot cake muffin. Thanks, Tree
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    Default Re: muffins??

    Hi ladies -

    Another (very easy) alternative that I recently discovered is the Martha White HoneyBran Muffin Mix.

    You just add milk (or water -- I can't remember at the moment) and stir it up and bake it for about 12 minutes.

    I usually use my six-cup muffin tin and make six decent sized muffins. Doing so makes each muffin about 2 points - 3 points max.

    And, SO yummy.


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    One more alternative -- has whole grain baking mixes that are very point friendly. I really like their variety and there are a lot of recipes that obviously are submitted by people on WW because they have points. They are my favorite muffins and I never get tired of them because I make them a different way every time. HTH also.

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    mykidsgrandma4 Guest

    Default Re: pumkin muffins being 2 points???

    I'm sorry but I fail to see how anyone can get 2 points for these muffins. Most of you mentioned Duncan Heins cake mix (and I have checked other brands, Duncan Heins usually has the fewer calories). The least amount of points I've seen for any flavor is 170 calories with 3.5 grams of fat for 1/12 of a box, that's just the mix. Even with adding in the pumpkin I come up with 3 points at minimum.

    170 calories per 1/12
    3.5 per fat 1/12
    1.4 grams of fiber per 1/12 serving

    I come up boarderline 3 pts per serving.
    Now don't get me wrong, I would love to get 2 pts, but I don't think it's so.


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    Default Re: muffins??

    Your points will vary depending on the number of muffins you make. I usually get more than 12 muffins out of a batch. That's why it's very important that each individual double-check points on every recipe...different products/amounts result in different points values.
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    Thumbs up Re: muffins??

    Hi, all! I'm fairly new with WW and this site, and when I saw this recipe, I thought "How good could it be?" Well, I have to tell you... I just made the muffins with a spice cake mix, and a can of pumpkin, and a little water, and they are to die for!!!!! I just can't figure out if they are best for dessert or for breakfast! Maybe both!

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    Default Re: muffins??

    Hey Buddies!!! I love this pumpkin muffins. My daughter also loves them. I'm not sure the points. I guess I could use 3 points for these muffins, but I have always counted them 2. I made mine with the spice cake mix and also with carrot. The next time I'm going to try the choc. that sounds so goood!!! I wonder if that will change the points???

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    Default Re: muffins??


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    Default Re: muffins??

    I tried this, and its okay. Everyone who tried it loved it, said it was really moist. I thought it was alright. The pumpkin smell got to me. But it tastes better cold. I also dropped a few choc chips in ea muffin for 0pts. You can't taste the pumkin much, its very faint.

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    Smile Re: muffins??

    WOW!! I made the devil's food cake/pumpkin muffins (added 1 cup water) and cooked on 325 for 15 minutes and they came out SUPER!! My kids even ate them and never suspected they were not the real deal! This is a keeper. Next time I will try it with carrot cake!

    Oh - and I got 28 muffins from one batch.......more than enough for breakfast this week and to share with my mom and friends!!!!! I used Betty Crocker Cake mix and Libby's pumpkin and caluclated the points.........2 per muffin.

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    I made these tonight. Even my littlest who is such a super picky eater loved them! I didn't have pumpkin, but being the true southern girl that I am I had sweet potatoes. (I live in an area that farms sweet potatoes) I peeled and cooked the potatoes in water until they were good and tender. Then I mashed them well. I added an extra cup of water in with a chocolate cake mix. Delicious!


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    Default Re: muffins??

    Sweet potatoes have somewhat more Points than pumpkin but otherwise they would work. You can sub. other winter squash and that wouldn't change the Points.

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