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    cherdan76 Guest

    Talking Yummy (1) point Desert

    Makes four servings

    (2) cups of non fat/plain yogurt
    (1) package any flavor sugar free pudding mix

    Mix yogurt w/dry pudding mix
    You can add splenda to taste if you want

    Mix together and put in (4) individual desert cups

    (1) point and yummy



    Use the above receipe and use cheesecake pudding mix
    Add (1) serving of stawberries and you think you are cheating - 2 points

    I made it with chocolate sugar free pudding last night and a serving of strawberries and it was like eating chocolate covered berries. Enjoy

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    Thanks for this great idea!!!!!! I even have cheesecake pudding mix!
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    cherdan76 Guest

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    You are welcome.

    I am sure there are alot of other desert creations that this combination will make (I will keep thinking of new ones or maybe another member has one to share).

    Enjoy.... You are going to love it. I brought it to work as a desert and they all thought it was fattening (love that).

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    I really want to try this, but I'm allergic to Nutra-Sweet and it's all I see in SF puddings . Anyone know of a Splenda brand?
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    cherdan76 Guest

    Default Re: Yummy (1) point Desert

    I dont know of one. Sorry. It is a great desert for a HUGE sweet tooth.

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    Hailey Guest

    Default Re: Yummy (1) point Desert

    Thanks for the recipe, I'm gonna try it tonight.

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    scales_lie Guest

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    pudding is really easy to make from scratch - just google it
    you do have to stir it constantly, though, or it will lump up

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    Ask at your local health food store. There might be alternative sweetners used in the pudding mixes.

    Also, maybe if a lot of us write to the "pudding makers" they will change to splenda! I know people who get terrible migraines from Nutrasweet.

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    MiShY1025 Guest

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    I got one almost like that I got it awhile ago at a meetings.....

    Sugar free jello mix (like strawberry)
    Sugar free Pudding mix (I have only used vanilla)
    Frozen Fruit (Strawberries/Raspberries/Blueberries)
    Light or FF cool whip

    Make jello....put jello mix in a big bowl and add 1cup of boiling water. Then add 1/2-3/4 of a cup of cold water. (When you use 1c of cold like the package says on the jello it makes it to watery). Mix that all together really good. Then add the SF vanilla pudding mix. Let it cool in the fridge for 5 minutes. Then add the frozen strawberries and the whole thing of the ligt or FF cool whip and mix it all together really well. Make sure you get all the excessive liquid off the bottom. Then let it sit in fridge for 15 mins.


    Really yummyyy

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    BlushingBride Guest

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    Okay cherdan, I just wanted to thank you for posting this because it is super yummy!! I didn't think it would be THIS good! I used the sugar-free cheesecake mix with the fresh strawberries idea... I'm actually eating it right now. I thought it would be very yogurty with a thin consistency, but it's actually very thick and almost feels and tastes like I'm eating cheesecake. I work at Applebee's and it kinda reminds me of the Weight Watchers Berry Lemon Cheesecake that we have. Can't wait to try different flavors and combinations! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks!

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    Well, I just tried this recipe, and it was really good.

    All I had in the house, was 2 containers of ww strawberry yougart, and vanilla ff ss instant pudding.

    I mixed it all together, was alittle thick, because I should have used more yougart, but it still was good.

    I cut up one strawberry, place on top, and had a mid morning snack, for me and my husband.

    Thanks for the recipe!!!!!!!
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    angelbaby27 Guest

    Default Re: Yummy (1) point Desert

    Thanks for the recipe! Tried it and me and DH (who is completely opposed to anything 'diet' tasting) really liked it! I made it with banana flavored pudding and vanilla yogurt, and am planning on getting stuff for the cheesecake flavor later this week. Thanks!

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    stickchick2b Guest

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    Thanks, I am going to try this!!

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