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Thread: ISO of DaVinci syrup in Nevada

  1. Default ISO of DaVinci syrup in Nevada

    help!!!!! I hear everyone talking about the DaVinci syrup, and was wondering if anyone knows if it can be purchased in Las Vegas?

    I'd like to get a few different flavors, and just hate to pay shipping, if I don't have too.

    Thanks a million, Judy

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    Frequently asked questions from their website.

    Where can I find Da Vinci Gourmet products?
    • You’ve come to the right place! Our full line of products can be ordered over the Internet. You can also find select Da Vinci Flavors in grocery stores across the country. Here is a list of fine grocers and retailers that carry our products. If you cannot find Da Vinci Flavors in your area we encourage you to speak with the store manager of your local grocer and request your favorite Da Vinci Flavors.
    Bi-Lo (SC)
    Bruno’s (AL)
    Home Goods
    King Sooper
    Larry’s Market
    Pick N Save (WI)
    Price Chopper (NJ)
    Ralph’s (CA)
    Super Wal-Mart

    What countries are you in?

    • Da Vinci Gourmet products can be found in over 40 countries worldwide. A full list of locations can be obtained by calling our international sales team at (800) 640-6779.

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    Judy, you might have better luck finding the Torani syrup. I've found that at smart n' final, safeway and even some smaller grocery stores. Walmart also has them I believe. I'm with you on not wanting to pay for shipping, although there are a few flavors I would love to try that I think I will have to buy online for...i.e. peppermint patty and marshmallow are a few I've heard mentioned. Good luck and enjoy.
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    thanks for your answer, I just called Harmons Grocery Store in St. George Utah, which is about 35 miles one way, and they have some (tortino), and they are on sale this week for $2.99 each for 12 oz. Does this sound like a good price?

    Our little town, where I live only has about 14,000 people, so didn't have much around, until this past Wednesday, when a new Wal-mart opened up, but of course, they are a tiny store, and don't have what I want, so off to St. George I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks agin, Judy

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    oh boy! I must have pizza on the brain, just misspelled the torani syrup in my last post, please forgive me!

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