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Thread: Going Skiing - increase my points?

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    fiddler_sandiego Guest

    Question Going Skiing - increase my points?


    I was hoping that someone very familiar with the program can help me with a question... I am going skiing for 5 days. We will ski every day.

    That means, between the breaks and the lifts, I estimate about 90 to 120 minutes of ACTUALLY exercise time. That's alot more than the 45 - 60 of high intensity cardio that I get in each week.

    My instructor has mentioned that going under your points can be a detrimental as going way over... and I've had great weight loss success staying at, or slightly above, my weekly total (INCLUDING allowance).

    So, should I increase my points by, let's say 6 to 10 for each day I ski?

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    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    I think you should count and eat your activity points based on the actual time you will be exercising. That is what they are there for! Do you have an activity points slider?
    Have fun!
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    fiddler_sandiego Guest

    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    Yes, I have that points slider. Thank you for remembering that handy tool for me!

    In the past, the instructor said that I could only "eat" 4 of the activity points I earn in a day. But I will probably be burning (according to the calculator) about 5 points an hour. Even thought I'll be riding lifts, the actually skiing is at the "intense" level. So if I back it down to "moderate" for the hour, it'll be 5 points.

    I will replenish at 5 points per hour of skiing, which will probably consist of sports drinks (easily 5) and oatmeal bars (etc.).

    This should keep my energy level up during the day and allow me to budget the non-skiing hours as though it's a regular day at the office.

    Sound like a good plan? If you're thinking something else, please let me know. I just want to plan this right!

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    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    That 4 AP "limit" is a myth brought on by people misinterpreting what the book says about APs. It says to consult a doctor or physiotherapist if you're ready to earn more than 4 APs per day. It's just to cover them from people trying to go from couch potato to marathon overnight to earn more points to eat. Go, have fun, calculate your points and eat them.
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    On you can put in different physical activities, your weight and time spent doing that physical activity.

    I picked Skiing-snow, general, put in your current weight and put 1 hr for the time. It calculated that you would burn 768 calories for each hour of (constant) skiing you do.

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    I can't comment specifically about skiing, but a couple of years ago I used to do some serious long distance cycling. Many days I earned between 12-20 points. I'd have a high protein mini meal before hitting the road and then bring along fresh fruit, cereal bars, and sports drinks (plus enough water) to keep up my energy. I usually ate all the points I earned that day (and could have some high calorie items guilt free later in the day) and still had steady losses at the scale. Once you're out earning that many APs I think it's far more crucial to make sure you use them. The 4 is only a suggested cap because they don't want people going nuts with activity just to be able to eat more and I also suspect the don't want the legal liability. I'd never suggest being extra active just to eat more, but if there are some sports you just love to do and they burn mega calories then not only don't hesitate to use the APs you earn, but make sure you do. Oh yeah, and pack the advil and don't fight the urge to take a nap if your body is begging for one!

    Have fun on your trip!

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    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    I count downhill skiing as moderate for 1/2 the time I'm actually out skiing (figuring the rest is spent riding lifts), unless I'm really pushing myself -- the actual skiing can be pretty intense. Figure less if you have to deal with long lines. And I use all those Activity Points.

    I have found Activity Points to be a good indicator for how much more I should eat when I'm active. Much more accurate than simply "increasing my allowance."

    I also have had days where I earn 20 or more Activity Points. On those days it is especially important to use them, because I really do need the fuel!

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    PS. WW is changing its official stance on the four points limit. I think they're finally saying to eat all the AP earned if you'd like, but they're still concerned about "exercise bulimics." I threw away my employee bulletin but I'll try to get the specifics if possible.

    Have a great trip!
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    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    This isn't an official ww answer at all, but I went skiing the first week of the month. We skied/boarded for 4 out of the 5 days. I had no idea how to figure the activity points, plus I had a hard time figuring points for what I was eating (a lot of non-chain restaurants). I just didn't worry about it for the week. I tried to hold true to ww ideas like not eating when I was full and stopping when I feel statisfied, but I did have my fair share of cookies, etc. At least, two of the days, I would start to feel shaky on the lifts, and I would eat a granola bar. At the end of the week, I weighed the exact same as when I left.

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    Default Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    Quote Originally Posted by sayra156
    This isn't an official ww answer at all, but I went skiing the first week of the month.
    I must disagree. Their own WW book says to aim for 4 APs per day and if you intend to earn more, see a Dr. first.

    Tif-what info are they giving you? Maybe their intentions are to limit APs currently. Oh well, not for me
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    fiddler_sandiego Guest

    Cool Re: Going Skiing - increase my points?

    Thanks everyone... you all made perfect sense!!!

    I came back from skiing (5 days in a row, for 5 hours a day). It was intense for me, since I am so out of shape. But I love it so much, I just couldn't stop!!!

    DRUM ROLL.... I weigh a couple pounds (maybe 2?) more than when I left. Of course, my legs are swollen from working them out so vigorously. I anticipate that with a little extra water, rest and water-intense food (f&v), that will subside.

    I ate a "normal" breakfast, just kicking up the portion size a tad to get energy for the day. (About 8 to 10 points). We skiied two hours, then my DH and I split a hamburger or other sandwich (About 6 points) for energy.

    We skiied another 2-3 hours. There was NO LIFT LINES. So I estimate that I was skiing intensely for 2.5 hours per day. That's about 30 AP earned per day!!!

    When we got back to the condo, we ate fresh fruit, drank lite beer and relaxed before heading out to dinner. Each night, I selected something in the 20-ish range. All-in-all, I ate (and often drank ) all of the AP points I earned.

    Lesson learned for me? This was a ONCE A YEAR deal where I allowed my appetite and energy level to help me decide when I needed more or less. I was not completely rigorous about journalling the points, but I felt like I had made great progress in portion control... so now it's back to the plan 100%. If I'm still feeling sore and swollen on Tuesday (weigh-in), I'm going to remain positive and remember that this was the first year in AGES that I enjoyed skiing to it's fullest extent.

    My goal last year... "be in better shape." My goal for next year's trip... "Be IIINNNNN shape!" :walking:

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