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    Hello all you Mastercook Masters!! I wanted to know what is the difference in Mastercook 7.0,8.0 and 9.0? I see all these different versions and don't know which to choose. I know that 9 is the newest version but is it any different than 7 or 8? Any new features? Thanks in advance!
    SW 230.6(01/15/11)
    CW 199.9(1/20/12)

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    Is anyone out there in Mastercook Land?
    SW 230.6(01/15/11)
    CW 199.9(1/20/12)

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    this thread may have some info and other links for you re: this.
    I always get the latest, if i'm getting new software as the bugs are worked out. BUt if i'm happy with the current soft ware i don't always update it.

    I have MC 8 and am happy with it. But if i didn't have MC 8 and was buying new, i'd buy MC9.
    Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

    Barb A

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