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Thread: help making pork chops

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    yodajen Guest

    Default help making pork chops

    Hello everyone, tonigth I Am cooking two pork chops does anybody have any Ideas how to cook them , trying new recipes since I am not a cook. please help.

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    maddydoodle Guest

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    My favorite way to make them is to season them (pepper, mrs dash, etc) and broil them for about 8 minutes on each side. I find they come out incredibly juice and flavorful. I usually will have veggies or salad on the side.

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    minibuttercookie Guest

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    i like to put them in the slow cooker with tastefully simple's "onion onion" and "garlic garlic." yummy!

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    You would need to figure the points accordingly, but a simple recipe that is pretty tasty is Stuffed Pork Chops. I would brown and season the chops either method. You can either actually slice a pocket in the chop and place the stuffing in the chop or simply place stuffing on the bottom of a pan and place browned & seasoned chops on top and top with Healthy Request Mushroom Soup, mixed with about 1/2 of the water or milk that it calls for, and bake for nearly an hour. COVERED. Any stovetop flavor works fine. Just mix the stuffing according to directions.
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    Salsa_1960 Guest

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    I like to marinate them in Kraft Fat Free Zesty Italian Salad Dressing and then, like maddydoodle, broil them for 8 minutes on each side. I buy the lean butterfly pork chops. A 4 oz boneless lean butterfly pork chop with a little FF dressing on it comes to 5 points.


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    I season mine and throw um on the george foreman.

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    i like to use " oven fry" its like shake and bake but i think it taste so much better, and its for pork chops. just adds 1 more point to your chop quick and easy too

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    subsitute the pork chops for chicken in the cola chicken recipe--it makes the cooks tender and tasty!!!
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    I put chops in the crock pot with a little chopped onion and garlic, a little salt, pepper and garlic powder. After a few hours I add in 2 cups of sliced fresh mushrooms.
    About an hour before dinner, I move the meat etc. to one side of the crock, tilt it so all the juices run over to the side, then add a can of the reduced fat cream of mushroom soup and mix together. It is soooo yummy!!

    The "gravy" is thick and rich. I serve this with mashed pots and pour some gravy on top of those. I have also added a can of green beans to the crock with the mushrooms. We usually have a salad with this. I actually have this going for dinner tonight.

    Oh, I also put my chops in frozen. If you only use a few TBS. of sauce, it's really low in points!

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    Salsa_1960 Guest

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    Hey Stefnee,

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