Good Morning everyone!

I just wanted to post a quick recipe for some kielbasa that I sauteed today. It came out very good and if I calculated right - it is only 2pts. per serving.

I used Healthy Choice Polska Kielbasa - each package boasts 7 servings. I cut mine up in small pieces and because I am fairly anal, I made sure it was divisible by 7. I used my points slider and it came to 2 pts. per serving. I sauteed this in a skillets with peppers, onions and a bit of garlic (all 0 points) and at the end of cooking I added 2 TBSP of sugar free apricot preserves which I also calculated at 0 points. I like to cook my stuff on low and slow so I let it simmer for quite a bit. I don't like any crunch to my veggies but I think how you cook it is all personal preference. I hope you enjoy and I hope I got the points right.

7 servings = 2 pts.