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Thread: White Lie??

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    Hailey Guest

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    Has anyone been able to find this wine?? if so please let me know what you thought of it, this wine is the new wine for dieters and has 97 calories per 5 0z glass so peeked my interest; thanks!

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    i got a bottle of this as a gift during christmas time. I hadn't even looked at the calories or anything!!! WoW! I don't know where she got it... so im not much help.

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    I never tasted it, so I don't know whether it's worth it, but plain 'ole regular wine is only 2 points for 4 oz anyway, so unless White Lie is really, really good, I wouldn't bother trading in my "usual." (Then again, nowadays, my "usual" is milk, because I'm preggo...)

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    Have you tried a wine shop? We have a good store called Total Wine. I'm not sure where you are located, but you should try a store like that. Hope this helps.

    IMO, I would prefer the regular kind of wine. You get less in volume, but the taste is much better.
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    Hailey Guest

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    Still haven't found it, I guess I will have to cross the border to MA!!:walking:

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    Talking Re: White Lie??

    We used to serve this wine at a country club I interned at. I know here in Illinois you can find it in the Osco Drug store liquor department.

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    Hailey Guest

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    well I finally found this wine, and I have to say I passed it by because of the price,it's still to new right now so maybe this summer I will try it when the price goes down.

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