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Thread: restaurant points???

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    do you know of a good website on fast foods and restaurants food points???

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    Yes, It's great.

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    Is dwlz the place to go? Yes, only if you can't find the information anywhere else. Too many times folks have found the information on dwlz to be out of date and incorrect.

    The FIRST place to go is to the restaurant's website. Many restaurants, especially chains, are starting to post the nutritional information. Sometimes it's hard to find, but if the restaurant website has it, that will be the most correct.

    If the restaurant website doesn't have the nutritional information they may still post a menu. You can use that information and search for items that are close at other restaurants that do post the nutritional information. Or, you can use other sites, like dwlz, to get yourself close. Sites I like (and prefer over dwlz) are:

    Again, dwlz is a great site, a great premise, but the information isn't always accurate. So, just use it to get close only AFTER you've checked to see if the restaurant provides the information.

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