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Thread: 1 pt Egg-white Omlette

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    I don't know if anyone else has thought of this, probably, but I wanted to post it anyway bc I love it! 3 Egg whites, and salsa is all you need! And ICBINB spray. Spray the ICBINB into frying pan and let it heat up. Pour egg whites into heated pan. Wait until it's almost cooked through then pour salsa on half, like you would do with cheese if making a cheese omlette. Flip half w/out salsa onto half w/salsa and wait a few more minutes until completely cooked through. This made a pretty big omlette for me and it's only 1 pt if you use the butter spray! OK, I had to share! See ya!
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    Does That Mean Use Egg Beaters Or Regular Eggs And Separate The Yolk And Toss?

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    I use regular eggs and seperate the yolks. So I use 3 eggs w/out yolks.
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    I tried something similar to Eggbeaters. I thought I would make myself an egg white omelet. LOL My God!!! What a nasty looking mess it was. I don't know what I did wrong as I usually use I whole egg with egg whites but when I went to flip it it all tore apart and was mushy looking. Perhaps I will try this with normal egg whites and see how it goes. Thank you for the recipe

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    Wow! I've never tried egg-substitute, and now it kinda sounds like I don't want to! Thanks for the warning!
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    Don't fear egg substitute! it can be great - it just takes a little tasting around to see which ones you like, and also a slight adjustment to how you are used to cooking eggs.

    I really enjoy egg whites - i eat them almost daily - and i can't stand to throw out food - (can you tell how i got this way?)
    SO - I buy AllWhites - or one of the other brands that are just egg whites.

    Now, Egg SUBSTITUTE is a different thing, it's yellow so it will look more like whole eggs, it's also pasteurized but they put something else in it that i don't care for, not sure what it is but i can taste it.

    DH prefers the Substitutes - go figure. So definately try a few different kinds.

    Also - i did try Egg Beaters with green onion and cheese. It comes with the ingredients already mixed up in the carton. You just shake and pour (and measure of course!)
    It's just 2 points for a serving - which makes a really decent sized omelette. The cheese in it tastes pretty good too.

    Cook up some of this and throw it on a 1 pt bagel and you have an egg and cheese breakfast bagel for 3 points!!!

    (note - you will almost always need cooking spray to be successful with egg whites or substitutes. Sometimes it is easier to get good results when you microwave them in a container - which can also produce a nice shape to fit on the bagel!)

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: 1 pt Egg-white Omlette

    I use 3 egg whites every morning for breakfast. I just have never found and egg substitute that I liked. And for the price of the egg beaters, its still much cheaper to buy the eggs and toss the yolks!
    I add about 1/8 (.05) cup of FF cheese and 1 or 2 slices of "deli ham" ( 7 slices for 1 pt) (.05). If you cover the pan, it puffs up great. Add a 1 pt Thomas English muffin and you got a great 3 pt. breakfast.

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    Default About eggs ...

    I have never eaten those eggs-in-a-carton products before so I don't know how they taste one way or the other.

    I do, however, eat eggs whites daily ... either in some omlette form or hard-boiled in salads. I don't throw the yolks away, though. I feed them to the dogs. I sure hope they don't develop any high cholesterol problems!!

    Also, I think buying real eggs, especially on sale, is more economical.

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