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    Annie00 Guest

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    I love white bread and absolutely hate wheat or whole grain. I usually buy Sara Lee white bread, but it's 2 points a slice. Does anyone know of a bread that is either white, or has the same texture as white, and is 1 point a slice or less?


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    Have you tried the Sara Lee DeLightFul? It's 2 slices for 1 point. I haven't eaten regular bread in so long I can't tell you if it's really the same texture but I like it.
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    J-Dizzle Guest

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    I cannot plug Sara Lee DeLITEful enough. It's white bread-ish but as stated above 1 pt for 2's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! This is the lowest point bread that I have found that isn't wheat/whole grain..... enjoy!!!

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    I just have to chime in here and agree totally with Joanne & Jessie! The Sara Lee DeLightful is so yummy!! I don't eat very much bread, but once in a while when I get a hankering for it, Sara Lee really hits the spot.
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    Annie00 Guest

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    Great! Sara Lee Delightful it is... Thanks guys!

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    I love natures own 2 slices for 1 point.

    It is the health line bread..comes in white, wheat and honey wheat
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    Annie00 Guest

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    Thanks for the info about white bread last week. I bought the Sara Lee Delightful in white, and I LOVE IT! It tastes just like the 2 point per slice bread!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    that wonder bread it is new
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    ShaeSim Guest

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    I just wanted to share that I love Natural Valley Lite Sourdough - 2 slices for 1 point. It is made by Healthline I think...I find it at all of our local grocery stores...

    I have tried the SL Delightful breads but don't really care for it - texture I think...


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    I have been looking for the Delightful bread and can never seem to find it. I must look again. I also love sourdough so I will be looking for that one.

    My favorite sandwich bread these days is Manachievitz (sp?) light seeded rye. It is 2 pieces for one point and really tastes like a good rye bread. The WW one is okay, but I love the caraway seeds in my rye!

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    The brand my family always buys is "35". It's 2 slices for 1 pt. and they have white, wheat, and wholegrain. It can be pricey though. Good luck!
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