6 egg whites

2 tsp onion

bell pepper

zuchini squash

cup mushroom

(or any other 0 point veggies)

in the quantity you're hungry for

fat free oil spray (Pam)

Spray medium skillet with five one second sprays of PAM. Sauté all veggies together until tender (sometimes I put a little 0 point butter spray on the veggies while they cook for extra flavor). Once tender set a side. Whip egg whites together, in same skillet you used for your veggies, spray with 5 one second sprays of PAM; pour the egg whites into the hot pan. When they are nearly cooked through, pour veggies on half of omelette and spread evenly. Fold the un-used half of the omlet over the veggies. Let cook one additional minute and flip. Cook one additional minute and it's done. Pour gently onto plate. The whole thing is two points and it makes a BIG omelette