My husband and I like to eat this on the weekends. We have eaten this at a local cafe, but have adapted it for low points. You can basically add anythng to this basic recipe that you want. It just depends on your points.

Egg Scramble

6 oz. frozen hashbrowns 2pts.
Egg Beaters 1 pt.(I think)
Diced onions for flavor
canned mushrooms
salt and pepper
Olive oil/Pam spray

Spray your skillet w/ Pam. Pour your hashbrowns and onions into a skillet. Cook until they are brown, or until you can't wait any longer. (Ha) Add the mushrooms and warm them. Pour the Egg Beaters onto the hashbrown mixture and mix together. ( I usually spray the skillet w/ Pam again before I add the eggs.) Scramble everything together and cook until the eggs are done. Sometimes, I sprinkle a little low fat grated cheese on top.(yum) When cheese is melted, it's ready to eat.
It's also good w/ diced green peppers. I cook that w/ the onions. Many times we add low point diced ham for flavor. That really adds a nice flavor. Bacon and sausage are also very good if you can afford the extra points.
This is a great low point breakfast. My husband and I usually split this recipe, which turns out to be low points. It just depends on what you add to this recipe. This morning I made the basic recipe, which is mentioned above.
If you have any questions, let me know.