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Thread: Equal Flavor Sticks!!!!

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    Post Equal Flavor Sticks!!!!

    Anyone heard of these!! I saw them on a box of regular equal and can't wait to try them in my water or diet soda!!!!
    Equal Flavor Sticks

    Equal® Flavor Sticks combine your favorite sweetener and delicious flavor in one easy step. Available in three varieties: Vanilla Bean, Lemon and Peach. Flavor Sticks dissolve quickly and are great in both hot and cold drinks. Try Vanilla Bean in coffee or a yogurt smoothie. Try Lemon or Peach in iced or hot tea.


    Equal Flavor Sticks contain: lactose, aspartame, maltodextrin
    Learn More
    About Equal Ingredients
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    the vanillia bean sounds good for my caffine kick in the am i'll have to keep my eye out for these
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    Ooo yeah, those dound awesome, i need it for my coffee!!
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    Ok some will probably jump on me for this, but I do not like aspartame. I have read too many bad effects from it. I do believe it increases your appetite. These sound wonderful, but I will stick with Davinci syrups for my flavorings.
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