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Thread: I weighed 530 pounds!

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    alrightguy Guest

    Default I weighed 530 pounds!

    There I said it! When I first started posting here I was so ashamed to admit that. I was probably the fattest (and am still) one on here. I was reading someones thread on how frustrating they find the TV show The Biggest Loser. Some were calling the show unrealistic, well I wanted to share my reality with them. I figured I owed sharing my weight with you folks in the 100 Plus Club. You all have been a great source of inspiration. Here's what I posted, There's a link below my post if you are interested in seeing my ugly mug. On the left they go in order of Heaviest to now. Thanks Guys! - John

    I understand why you could be frustrated about the show. I personally find it very motivating and inspiring. I remember when I first started watching Season 1, I would be sitting there eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream crying (literally) and just wishing that I could lose weight. I continued this for the whole first season. Sure, the varieties of ice cream would change but my wishes of losing weight were still there. Second season I had a epiphany, instead of watching the show with my friends Ben and Jerry maybe I should use the show to inspire me to change my life. Sure, I may not have a gym at my house, or I might not have Bob or Jillian pushing me to excel further, or someone cooking my meals, or Caroline Rhea weighing me in or have several hours to devote just to exercise but what I realized what I did have. I have an hour to devote to exercise at a world class gym down the street called the YMCA (they even have trainers there at no extra cost), I have Lean Cuisine to prepare my meals (they even count the points for me) and I have a cute, little old lady to weigh me in each week at a wonderful place called Weight Watchers. For those of you who think it's unrealistic and so far from reality what they accomplish on that show let me give you my dose of reality. I weighed 530 pounds when I started this Journey - I bet I was the fattest person on this message board. When I first started it took every ounce of energy I had to walk a block, I thought I would die. Since starting losing weight I have lost a total of 86.4 pounds (I lost 31 pounds on my own, the weight amount listed in my signature is my official WW pounds lost). This "unrealistic" show that you guys are complaining about inspired me and has helped save my life. PLEASE don't get frustrated by the show, work harder. Talk about frustration - I could lose 200 pounds and still be considered a fat person. I refuse to be frustrated or discouraged by that. The weight that I have lost so far has literally changed my life. I am no longer suffering from depression, I am able to get up and do things, I am able to live life again. If your interested in seeing my weight loss journey in pictures so far check out the link below, trust me there will be many more pictures of a smaller me to follow. I wish all nothing but a successful weight loss journeys. If we work hard enough we can all be Big Losers. - John

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    Wow, what an awesome post John. Good for you; you've done a great job so far. And I can definitely see a difference in your pictures. Keep up the great work!

    "As long as I don't quit, I cannot fail." CW

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    Good for you. You have to done a wonderful job. You can see such a difference in your pictures. Keep up the great work. You are on the road to success. :bcbsalute
    Small goals at a time.

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John, You have made a great decision and are on your way to a healthier you. Your pictures look great and really show your efforts are paying off! :bcbsalute
    Beckster aka Becky

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    hisgraceisenough Guest

    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    I'll say it again! You're such an inspiration!

    You are amazing!!!! Keep it up!

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John, you ROCK!!! Thank you for being among us and sharing your experiences. I can just imagine you giving motivational talks when you are at goal. Can you imagine how many people's lives you could help to change?

    I really admire you. :bcbsalute
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    Creampuff Guest

    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    You're looking good! And I bet you're feeling loads better than you were that day at the garage sales. Even though you've got a ways to go, you've already lost 86 pounds!!!

    Forget how much you have to go, you've already done 80 lbs, and you can do that again!

    You're an inspiration, and, I don't see why you call yourself ugly, you have a great smile, nice eyes, and a great personality. It shines through! And if the biggest loser helped inspire you to drop the weight, then it's a wonderful show, because I think BCB would lack something without you here!

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    Good for you for the progress you've made and the progress you'll continue to make! And I applaud you for having the courage to post your real weight because I understand just how hard that can be.
    Success is dependent on effort.

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John, I am so blown away by your story! Granted, you have a long way to go but you are so far down the road that I just don't see you doing anything but getting healthier.

    I too had trouble with admitting my actual highest weight which was 270 pounds back in 2002. When I finally did here at BCB, it was such a relief and it also gave me one more thing to be accountable to.....that siggy line that needs to go down each and every week.

    I feel the way that you do about the Loser show and I love your post so much it is going in my panic journal! Congratulations and continued success.
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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    You have come so far already! I thought I wouldn't like the show..based on it's title..I was irritated. After watching the show I found that my biasis were unfounded and I have watched every season so far. I find it interesting and yes inspiring. Last nights show I wanted both families to win...then I realized ...they did! just one got money and the other a trip..they all came away with a new found outlook..which is what the show is about.

    We can all do this..we are doing it every day. Small bit's and pieces add up and we learn and succeed...knowledge is power..and we are learning from WW.

    Your photos are great..never be embarassed by who you are. It's where you started from not what you are.

    Be your own best friend every day.

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John - I think you're wonderful too - and I agree with all the applause and accolades and your pictures definitely show the loss. that Willie Nelson with you in that one picture? Or is it my glassesa again????

    Total Lost: -107

    I choose life!!!

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John - My Nashville buddy (remember me? - lol) I was just lurking here and of course your thread title caught my attention. You are awesome! I haven't checked out the pics yet, but you actually got up off the couch, ditched the Ben and Jerry's and started DOING something about your obesity! Do you know how rare that probably is? What's so funny is I was just telling my MIL this morning (Hi, Rita) that I saw the season finale at my mom's house in late November. I called my friend the next day (Hi, Kim hehe) and told her I was starting back WW after nearly 3 months off program. I only have about 40 or 50 to lose, but that 40 or 50 could soon turn into 100, 150, or even more if I never get up and do anything about it. So I think that show is very motivational to people of ALL weight ranges because you see first hand that results DO happen if you are consistent! Sure, I wish I could go WI and lose 18 pounds in 1 week, but I don't have hours to devote to exercise and it's not gonna happen. But when I step on the scale and see 0.5 pounds gone, I'm still thrilled! I worked for it, I did it on purpose, and I got it! Woohoo to all of us on WW! :bcbsalute
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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    I don't post here and slacked off posting on this board but this is just what I needed to read. I too loved the Biggest Loser Show. I cried every week with them. Thank you so much for you input and wonderful pictures of you and you have awesome results and what a difference on you.

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    Absolutely, astoundingly amazing! Bravo! :bcbsalute
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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    First of all, congratulations on your AWESOME weight loss!! You are always so supportive of everybody here. Your story is a great motivator! I stand in awe of how far you have come. You are not only a very handsome man but a very genuine person. Best luck to you getting on the Biggest Loser show. Maybe all of us here at BCB could write letters in support of you so you can be accepted onto the show!

    Way to go, John! YOU ROCK!!


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    helokitty Guest

    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John you are doing awesome! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your life with us at BCB. You can see a major difference in the pictures!

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    B E A U T I F U L L Y written post and so very inspirational and moving. John, you are amazing and I wish you continued success and health in your journey. I like Deb's idea of us nominating you to go on Biggest Loser...whaddya say?? Thank you for your post, your story is wonderful.
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    KrisD Guest

    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!


    Nice going!

    Can't wait to see more (or would that be less ) of that handsome mug!

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    Default Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    John, I am so impressed with what you've accomplished, but even more so with your attitued. If you don't mind, I'd like to put this in the training manual to make sure all see it. Excellent Bootcamp attitude!

    much success wished your way.
    Be careful of your thoughts, for your thought become your words.
    Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.
    Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.
    Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.
    Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.
    Author unknown

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    Babe Ruthless Guest

    Talking Re: I weighed 530 pounds!

    Good For You! I am so impressed by your story and what you haved accomplished! I look forward to watching you get healthy and reach your weight loss goals!

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