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    I've just recently started tracking my progress on my weight loss livejournal. It's kind of new, but go check it out! Hopefully I'll be adding pics soon.

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    I like the site! I was looking for a place to journal.

    Thanks for sharing...I am off to set my journal up!
    As I lose the weight, I find a me I thought I'd lost!
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    Hello! Well I'm glad you went back to weight watchers, it's the healthy way to loose weight!! I too have a monster sweet tooth, have you seen the weight watchers carrot cakes (small but 1 pt) and chocolate muffins (3pts)? I also buy popsicles that are either sugar free and NO POINTS! or ones that are 1 point for the twin pops! I love it, it tames the tooth I hope that helps!! Hang in there, we're all here for the same reason!!
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