I've been pondering how much more we could offer MC users if we had
an interface like the one VUG provided with different topics
pertaining to different arenas of Mastercook. It sure helped me and
was easier to find stuff on than the Yahoo boards. Mind you, this
board has been an extrememly helpful tool especially with the absent
support from ValuSoft outside of installation issues.

So, I created a MasterCook EZ-board at


and have set it up as a community-funded board so all of us can
pitch in as we're able to and have a better interface opportunity
than Yahoo can provide at the free level. It's only $30 total for
six months, so that is nothing if everyone helps out..the $$ goes
straight to site maintenance and not to me. AS we see new topics
that need to be created, we can add them.

There is a 30 day free option for the initial trial just to see how
it goes, so I'm not locked in should this not be a way to go.

I just figured if we are going to hold on to Mastercook, might as
well have a home that we all can fit into and find our stuff.

Glenn B.