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    Hi, all! I'm new here and your site (and wonderful members) have inspired me this week to make a new committment to WW (and therefore good health). Because of this/you, I had a great WI tonight. I haven't eaten out in months and my DH is in Green Bay WI at the Vikings/Packers game so I ordered takeout from Applebee's. I LOVE their Oriental Chicken Salad and had the dressing on the side but when I tried to find the pts. on the restaurant list, I could only find the "Asian Chicken Salad". Is it the same thing?
    I was so worried (and thrilled w/ my wt. loss) that I only ate about 1/3 of it, dunking my fork in the dressing every 2-3 bites. I still have plenty left but would like to know how many pts. to count. Can anybody help me?

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    This is my favorite salad also but I have given it up since i was told it is high points...I was just never sure how high. sorry not much help.
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    Per Dotti's...

    Med Oriental Chicken Salad (804 cal/54 g fat/7.3 g fiber) 19.5 (20)
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    OMG!!!! Those points are HUGE! I'm just thankful I only ate about 1/3 (although I had at least 15 pts. left going into supper as I ate really low pts. earlier in the day--Can't find my diary--Oh, well, it was the last day anyway as I weighed in last night). Think I'll spread the rest of the salad out over today and tomorrow! Thanks for the info.

    I've also emailed Applebee's and I'll see what info they can give me, too.
    Thanks again!

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    i dont know if this is everywhere but here in pennsylvania they just updated the applebees weight watchers menu to include items that have chicken in them. when they first came out they only have fish and shrimp and a couple other things. i havent tried them yet but they look great and the points are also reasonable. maybe you could try that next time instead of the salad. good thing you didnt eat it all.

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