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Thread: WW Mastercook Cookbooks for Download

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    Exclamation WW Mastercook Downloads

    thanks to a TIP from Ottermum here, a way was figured to import recipes into MC from the WW Light & Tasty CD that is now no longer supported or produced.

    After a few short months, the WW Data Entry Team has almost
    completed 10 WW MasterCook Files for downloading.
    I've posted 7 of them in the FILES area and added a bonus-A WW Holiday Starter
    cookbook that you can add your favorites to alongside some good
    basic recipes included! Three more books are to come and will be
    posted when they are available.

    This will immensely help those planning food through the holidays
    AND help those ready to make a change come January 1st.

    My deepest gratitude to the ladies that spent their time entering
    these recipes. A SPECIAL thanks to POINTSCNTR for formatting more
    than the lions share when others weren't able to finish or needed
    some help.


    Enjoy the good health that is to come!

    Glenn B.
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    WOW! I am awe struck! What a fanastic collection! I'm right in themiddle of downloading them now. Thank you SO much for posting this info! Fun cooking and experimenting for the winter!! :bcbsalute

    And a HUGe thank you to the people who formatted those recipes!
    Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

    Barb A

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    the ADDED bonus is that the POINTS values were added, since the POINTS system wasn't around at the time.

    So, consider it an upgrade!


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    Bumping up
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    Where is the files area located at to download these cookbooks?

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    Follow the link in the top post (where it says http://health.groups....)

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    Thanks Nancy I figured it out, didn't know you had to sign up to be a member of the group

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