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    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share an awesome experience I had with a local restaurant in my town. I wanted to be able to go out to eat for my birthday at the place of my choice.. not only to somewhere that was a chain. I looked at a local italian restaurant in Michigan and found two dishes that looked fairly light. I e-mailed the place and they said that although they didn't have the breakdowns wondered if there were any other questions they could answer to help me with my request, so I asked how much pasta do they include per serving, and how much fat (oil or butter) do you use in your preparation, and within 2 hours had e-mailed me back. I just thought instead of the usual response I get.. oh no we don't do that... they were so accomodating to me. Now if everyone could just be that helpful. Now I feel like I can enjoy my birthday eating a place of my choice, and also not feeling guilty about what I'm eating.

    So my point is, don't be afraid to call your favorite local place and see if they can help you. Although we can all make good choices such as no cream sauces, sometimes it can be hard determining how much butter/oil is used in something which as we all now can significantly change the point total.

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    I think that's great the restaurant did that for you-word of mouth is the best advertising & now they've got someone who'll be sure to tell everyone how helpful this place was. I also think it's great you took control of the situation. You know, "they" always say to do stuff like that-call ahead, and/or have the restaurant prepare a meal to your specific requests-even Kirstie Alley talked about it on Oprah. (Of course, I'm sure most celebrities have no problem not only making special requests but also receiving them!) But how many of you out there are like me & outside of asking for the dressing on the side don't want to make a fuss, especially when you are out with other people? Thanks for the inspiration-I'm going to try out some "food assertiveness" the next time I eat out!
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    We have a local restaurant that the owner is also trying to lose weight and she stated she will modify any thing we wish.

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