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Thread: fried turkey points???

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    Question fried turkey points???

    If you do not eat the skin, does anybody know point value for white fried turkey meat??
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    deedon63 Guest

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    Sorry can't help, but hope someone else can since DH wants to fry the turkey this Thanksgiving....sigh.

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    colleen7 Guest

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    Well, I typically use the points for fried chicken without the skin (which is obviously a little higher than a grilled chicken breast for example). Also, we use a marinade (basically Italian salad dressing and a bunch of spices) that we inject into the bird the night before. So, I usually add an extra point or two to cover for that. And remember, STEP AWAY FROM THE SKIN!!! Sneaking a tiny little piece might be ok for some, but once I take a nibble I cannot stop. Better for me not to have any of the skin!

    This year we are going to my aunt's house for Turkey Day, and we'll be having "regular" turkey. I think I'm gonna miss my fried turkey!

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